Monday, January 23, 2006

leaf pendant, part 1

Partial report here, since I have the beadwork done for the core of the pendant, but I'm getting going on this week's Orient Express now, and I'll have to get back to this. What I'm showing here are reduced versions of my Beadscape renditions of the two-drop peyote pattern. First I had it planned for a black background. I changed my mind but didn't redo the pattern, and just winged it for a few rows with a light background and silver leafborder. Then I went and redid the pattern, changing the background and removing one of the inner shades of green, since I only had two silver-lined colors that went well together. Then at the last possible moment to change before I would have had to take out rows of beads, I realized how peculiar the crook in the midvein was where the petiole joins the leaf. I redid the pattern. One green bead is left where it should perhaps have been silver, but I left it rather than taking out two rows.

The beaded leaf is now complete, since Saturday evening. Tuesday evening was when I first started playing with ideas, and Wednesday was when I started putting thread to beads. I'm kind of out of practice at peyote.


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