Thursday, March 18, 2010

back to beads

Recently (after my ornament-beading marathon) I have been spending a good deal of time making beaded pictures (sort of miniature tapestries). Before Christmas I did two, a peyote-stitch cardinal and a woven-on-the-frame abstract star.

These two are currently at Oxide. They are in matching white made-in-China frames from Hobby Lobby, though I think I have figured out what I need to do to make more satisfactory frames myself. Here Alabaster gives some scale for them.

I am now making a heavy-gauge silver neckwire ornamented with a circular peyote-stitch wild violet adapted from a photo I took at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center. I finished the beading last night; still have wire-bending, hammering, and fabricating to do. But at any rate I am pleased with the flower, after two false starts. I tried to do it in brick stitch, but finally had the sense to just quit and start over in peyote. MUCH more satisfactory.

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