Friday, January 27, 2006

finished leaf pendant

Well, almost finished. I realized after I took the photos that I still need to trim the ends of the silver wrap wires. But that should be a tiny detail.

The previous post shows my Beadscape plans for this bit of peyote work, 930 beads, the first solid piece of peyote I've done in a long time, I guess over a year. It was quite slow because my eyes and glasses are so poor. Kept switching between without glasses, where I could see the work fine but at 3" distance, and with glasses so I could pick up more beads without having to curl down over the dish.

To the right is a good view of the beadwork with the light reflecting off the front. Complete backlighting gives a totally different feel to the piece, seen below.
Of course, when worn as a pendant, complete backlighting is unlikely. But I think the effect will be different depending on whether it's worn over a white or dark blouse.
If I can manage to trim the wires neatly enough to make it reversible, one might even prefer to wear it with what I think of as the back in the front (top right photo).

Anyway it's done, and I am pretty pleased with it.


Blogger angelique said...

I really love your pendants! There so light and airy and give you a good feeling when you look at them!

January 30, 2006 2:15 PM  

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