Saturday, January 06, 2007

morning zephyr YOJ week 1

I wasn't planning to pay attention to this week's theme, because I knew that the next thing I HAD to make was the bracelet that poor patient Lynette has been awaiting for six weeks or more. But then I thought about the couple of dawns I've seen recently, and breezes blowing the white clouds around, and grass greening up in the recent rains, and I had the color scheme I had been searching for. I hope, anyway. Lynette, get your friend these pics. Too much color? Too much blue? Wrong colors? I've got the weave back in my head, so I can switch out some rings if desired.

It's 50 rings around, which I think the other one was. It seems to me to be a teeny bit looser on my wrist. Possibly these copper rings are not quite the same. Anyway, I expect if it is actually too loose that you can figure out how

to extract one copper and one rubber ring.
I'm very sorry for the unconscionable tardiness. Hope it's more or less worth it.


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