Saturday, October 14, 2006

camo chic: FSOJ week 2

Mother Earth, Father Sky? Combination of the material and the spiritual? Ummmm . . . no.

Definitely off theme here. Strictly non-spiritual, a whimsical approach to a very non whimsical fabric designed to make men hard to see while they are trying to kill some other men. But you see, I got this new (to me) color of Delicas, a dark matte olive-green, and it virtually shouted "army!" at me, so I poked in my drawers and found some beige and brown, and here they are. camo1

Only sheer stubbornness is responsible for their finished existence: I decided to use up some thick twisted brown silk thread to make them, as I had had it so long I didn't trust it to string a necklace on, and it looked appropriate in color and a sort of twill-ness like uniform fabric. Well, it was WAY too thick, even for big-holed delicas - if I tried to go through a bead any more than thrice I risked breaking the bead, or cutting the thread on the eye of the needle. But by the time this was obvious, the stubbornness had kicked in, I had started these earrings and I was by gosh gonna finish them!

Well, I finished the diamond shapes, and they looked awfully plain. With those beads stuffed full of thread already (which can be seen pretty clearly in the right-hand one here), there was no way I could add any fringe, though I had it in the original design. So I quick swirled up a couple of wire bits with low-grade tourmaline that matched the camo, and that did it. A project that if I had had any sense I would have abandoned or changed at the outset, but there they are. They exist.

And that's what is SO satisfying about any craft project - one has a thought, and one's creativity and (it's to be hoped) artistic sense are engaged until there emerges a concrete exemplification of the thought. I get so tired of seing how many people are employed for big bucks just to rearrange papers. I may not be a mover or shaker in the world, but I create real things that I hope others look at with appreciation, or joy, or amusement, and that is very important to me. OK, now I'll step off the soapbox.


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