Monday, January 10, 2011

new starts

I had a flush of jewelry-making back in May of last year (but not quite in time for the Oxide summer show). Then when the heat moderated in September and I could work on the upstairs screen porch I made a number of things.

Amy’s visit and purchase of the zig-zag earrings from Oxide sparked her order of Christmas presents for Cathy and Janine. The DHS craft fair moved things along, and I also got my Etsy shop reactivated, and sold a bracelet! after just a day or two. Finally just after the new year I dipped back into CWJ, and found a new YOJ just starting up, so I took the plunge and joined in.

I’ve posted twice to YOJ so far, and I have an appointment with Warren Tuesday morning to show new work for the spring show. I have about two dozen pieces, which is probably more than he’ll want or have room for. So all the rest will go up on Etsy, where I have 28 items so far.

I’m excited, though actually, I have had very few actual sales yet. But enough to get me moving. Warren bought my 16-gauge chain in October and Amy got the earrings, Also the rectangular “earrings for Isabel” variation sold, I believe to the same customer who bought my “Verrakaien Pendant” at the DHS sale. Then that Etsy bracelet sale out of the blue, and Amy’s commissions, add up to a fair fall.


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