Wednesday, January 25, 2012

gallery February-March show

As it turned out, I got to Oxide with eight pieces (including one set), and I just got the notification that they took them all. If every one of them sells, my share will be about $215; I guess I still need to bump my prices higher. Some of these, especially the persian chain, are real bargains. Of course, if I worked in sterling, higher prices would be no problem. I missed the day, Dec 29, when it went down to $27, grrrr. I was running around trying to get my Jazzfest application pictures done, and didn’t get into town in time to get an order in. Of course silver was still under $30 for a few days after that. But I didn’t really have the money free, and by the time I did, it was getting on up. Resolve-- if it goes under $30 again, act!

After almost three weeks without word from the Festival Foundation, Chery e-mailed, and got a prompt message back apologizing that we hadn’t gotten postcards; we’re all in! Whee! Must make MORE STUFF.

Here’s what goes on display at Oxide for Gallery Night, February 4. I didn’t get the end-pieces done for the DNA lariat, so it turned into a 25” over-the-head endless chain. (Amy came on a last-minute-planned visit for the week, which was TOTALLY delightful, but did delay the making.) I threw in the dark-oxidized persian chain -- thought it could use another viewing, and the jury agreed. The most interesting piece is the copper-wrapped fossil ammonite, but my picture of it is very over-exposed, and much of the detail of the fossil is washed out in glare. A small photo of what it looked like before I wrapped it begins this entry.

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