Thursday, November 17, 2011

work in progress

A few weeks ago at Artful Bead with Mary, I couldn't resist this 2" disc of scenic jasper. Since then I have been contemplating it and trying to figure out how to put it together with maille, without it seeming altogether too solid and heavy.

Then a couple of days ago one of the Chainmaillers Guild on Etsy asked my advice about what rings to use to do a necklace like this. I gave my opinion, and also thought "that's it!" about the jasper disc. I have some 1/4" brown aluminum rings that I have used very few of, because, well, they're brown. So not "ooh, shiny!" But this is their project.

So now to make a couple hundred 1/8" 20-gauge bronze rings, and heat-treat them to iridescent dark colors. Then I'll assemble it, and see how well the result matches my sudden inspiration.

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