Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well! Something pretty at last. I made these for the silent auction at the Oktoberfest fundraiser party our Bach Society had last night. I finished them about ten in the morning, snapped a couple of photos against the way too busy background of the backyard, took them over to the set-up, and they're bid for and gone now, so no better photos will be had.

The wire is 20-gauge sterling. I planned on some luscious deep red carnelian 4mm beads for the ends, but the holes were way too small. I had also gotten out some garnets, and these 6mm jade beads, though I thought they would be much too big and heavy for the design. But the jade were the only ones that would go on without extensive reaming and filing, which I had no time for, so on they went. And I think they are just perfect!

So welcome, autumn! (For us northern hemisphere folks, anyway.) Ein prosit, ein prosit, gemutlichkeit, Eins, zwei, g'suffa!

If you look up, you will find Brave Combo, our local Denton, Texas Grammy-Award-winning polka band, who played last night. This is not your grandparents' polka! Lots of fun ...

I actually started these and another project Thursday morning at the VAST Artists Day Out, when Ingrid, Mary, Debbie, and some ather women whose names I have not gotten straight yet met at the Visual Arts Center for a morning of "doing stuff." Everybody else was working on watercolor, and getting tips and critique from each other.

I started on a Loren-type ring. But after I had the first full wrap done, I realized I hadn't brought the tapered pool-cue mandrel I needed to go further. So I took up my 20-gauge sterling and made these earrings, minus the jade. I felt better doing something that would't seem to the others like just knitting to a pattern. I'll probably miss the October meeting, but by November I want to have a project that I hope will be recognizable as "art."

I finished the ring Friday night. It had a minimum bid of $30 and only brought $32; I did hope for at least $50. I think the earrings were much more widely appreciated and accessible. In a plus for the development of my "market-sense," I thought that before the auction even started.

Anyway I am very pleased at getting some good stuff done again. I really haven't done anything since the Lake Whitney trip. I think I counted on that trip to get the juices flowing like at Lake Conroe, and instead I felt like the time just went by and I couldn't settle to anything. And when I did try to do some polymer ideas, they burnt to "faux jet." So as a creative break, it was a wash-out. And then I crunched my fingernail in June, and it STILL isn't full usable yet. Ah, bah! Excuses, excuses . . .


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