Tuesday, December 18, 2007

to change the card?

One of the reasons I joined Etsy last year was to have an online selling venue that I could put on my card and point people to. I didn't properly set up my shop and get active until this fall, and I have noticed, as many have mentioned in various forum posts on Etsy, that nobody to whom I give the card and point out the address has ever heard of Etsy.

But maybe, I thought to myself yesterday, that is changing. Surely the NY Times article will have some effect. Maybe I should make it easier for people to see my address, and that I am affiliated with Etsy.

So I redid my card. The top is the new version, with the orange box that calls out Etsy, and the larger type for the URL.

But . . . second thoughts. The card is so busy already, and this fills it up more. Plus the orange really clashes with my red-bird. Maybe I should just junk the whole design for an elegantly simple almost blank card that says Abigail Mount Miller — jewelry, like a shop window with one perfect piece in it.

My card is more like a junk-shop window. But again, I really LIKE my cardinal on the quartz. I spent a lot of time on him.

Decisions, decisions . . .


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