Friday, June 27, 2008

organization, old is new, lost to the kitties

Yipes, it's been over three weeks, and I thought I had been doing a pretty good job of keeping up!

The only really new things I've listed on Etsy are my cranefly sculpture -- new two months ago, and just home from exhibit in the library, the earrings I made at Marlynda Taylor's PMC class, and the destash turquoise butterflies I just put up. (I only bought the butterflies in May when Mary and I went to Bead Renaissance, but I know I am not going to need 45 of them, so I am going to list a few lots of five.)

I guess the PMC class was just the day after my last post. It was a hot drive out to Weatherford, but certainly worth it. Unlike when Amy and I played with the stuff a couple of years ago and had so much trouble with it drying out, the material behaved very well. Of course, part of the class was to use Badger Balm on the hands, and rub the excess on the roller, and put a thin coat on the texture plate, and keep the clay covered with Saran Wrap all the time.

I rolled mine on a floral-textured brass plate, cut discs with an off-center interior cutout, and produced these earrings.

The crane-fly, fresh from a successful show at the library, needs its support scheme re-worked. I think I will re-drill the base stone with much deeper holes, and make two wires to go in one of them. The double wire will be the main support, with the second wire going up next to the first and perhaps lashed to it with fine copper. If it is to go in the members' show, it needs to be all fixed by late July.

I hoped I was going to sell my little coral earrings. I got a convo about them, asking how long they were, which I answered right away, with measurements and a photo. But, alas, I never heard anything back. And now I have had to inactivate the listing, because one of them appears to have been swiped off the coffee table by a kitten, and is who knows where!

Amy visited from the evening of Friday 6 June till midday Tuesday 10 June. We didn't actually do any crafting, though I thought she might want to work with the silver clay that I bought from Marlynda. But we didn't get around to it. We did have one very nice evening up at the lake, and we played with the kitties a lot. But the major accomplishment was to clear Isabel's closet and install two of my Elfa drawer-racks, and get everything organized to store my jewelry supplies and tools in a convenient fashion.

Also she bugged me into calling the plumber. The kitchen faucet is installed! The shower lavatory faucet is replaced! The powder room toilet no longer leaks! Jeff's sink upstairs is fixed, AND Alex's lavatory at 610 is no longer running hot water 24/7!!!

In the next stage of organization, Mary and I had a quiet lunch together out at the Ridge yesterday. She knitted for a couple of hours. I had sacked up all the mixed supplies, tools, finished items, project-in-progress, etc. that I had been collecting in the corner of the living room. I brought them all out with us in a big bag and spent the time sorting out. Entropy has been set back for another few weeks.

Every thing else I have listed recently has been something I made a while ago but needed to clean up, photo, and list. These are three of them.


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