Sunday, May 25, 2008

International Mail (preliminary)

I'm working on a digest of the important stuff from the Post Office's International Mailer's Manual ( IMM). I haven't finished it yet. Meanwhile here is the very barest beginning, extracted from the Etsy forum post I made which got me started on the idea.


Once you start checking the rates, most things have one rate to Canada, one to Mexico, and one to everywhere else. It's a real pain that the P.O. doesn't present it that way, but in separate charts for every country in the world. But that's how it works out.

Global Express Guaranteed starts at $38.95 for a half pound -- this one does vary, there are some countries, such as Algeria and Lithuania, where it is twice as much
Express Mail International starts at $25.95 for a half pound
Priority Mail International starts from $19 to $24 for a pound (flat rate envelope $11.95)
First Class International starts at $1.40 for one ounce

Everybody has the same size limits of:
42 inches in maximum length and 79 inches in maximum length and girth combined
except for a couple dozen countries that let it be a bit larger.


More later.

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