Thursday, July 24, 2008

altered photo art

Oh, I'm pleased with myself! I feel like I have learned a new skill. I spent the morning at the VAST artists' day out playing on the computer with my picture of Little Floof and the yellow pitcher, and I produced something I am quite proud of. "Before" is below; "after" is at the head of this post. This photo was taken back when she was only fifteen ounces as an undersized six-week-old, and was mostly referred to as Miss Teeny-Cat.

Of course the original picture was snapped opportunistically, with no chance to do anything about the peculiarly large-scaled jade plant behind Floof, or the filthy window glass. But by use of the palette brush tool (I think, unfortunately I wasn't writing down what I did), as well as outlining and deleting half the bacground and fuzzing the edges both with the rubberstamp and the smudge filter, I think I produced a nice result.

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