Monday, June 30, 2008


I just this afternoon listed this green bracelet, that I finished while I was up at the lake last Friday evening. I was very frustrated that it only got three views in its first hour, I think because the images glitch made it invisible during its thirty seconds of fame on the front page and also in Time Machine.

So then I went off to Petco for catfood, and THE KITTIES HAVE BEEN ADOPTED, HURRAY! And then I browsed around Big Lots, and got home and checked my e-mail, and I had a sale! Red-letter day all oround.

Turned out to be two items sold, this brand new green bracelet, and the 3/4 persian purple one I made back in February 07 on the plane home from Boston.
They are both going to live in Walnut Creek, California. Woo-hoo! Maybe THIS time there really will be some momentum. Time to make some more. Oh, bouncing on air here.

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