Friday, July 25, 2008

thanks to a secret admirer!

Well, usually I check far too often in the course of the day. But yesterday, what with VADO in the morning and then spending much of the rest of the day messing with Photoshop Elements, I didn't check it once. And this morning I find two new shop hearts and four item hearts, after getting none in the last several days. This is a nice surprise. One of the shop hearts and all the items are from a secret admirer -- one of the maillers I have been Yahooing with? It's nice, anyway.

I worked more on the painterly kitty picture yesterday, and then tried printing it. Much to my disgust, my yellow cartridge appears to be out. So that's a priority this afternoon, getting that refilled before it dries up. I want to see if it looks pretty good on paper before I send it off to iprintfromhome for a giclee┬┤.
I'm only going for a little one; actually I think I will put two ACEO sized ones and a 3.5x5 on one 5x7 for $8. Plus I need to get a print of kitten Agate and the prickly pear, in case anybody buys one.

Urgent today is to get the best of the new shots of my gothic choker printed, and the kitty painting printed, and mail off my application for the Prosper show. So I better cut short this blog entry and go do that.


Blogger Bill E said...

Hey, I know your brother!

I found your jewelry while I was looking for Crispin...very nice work. Worked with Crispin at the bike shop in Media, many years ago!

June 04, 2009 7:36 AM  

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