Tuesday, September 27, 2011

actual sales!

This has been something of a red-letter month, in terms of sales (Of course any normal-scaled business would die laughing,) But hey, ten items sold in one month is a LOT, ok?

September 10 was the Arts, Autos, and Antiques event on the Square. Warren organized 5 booths staffed by 10 Oxide artists - I shared with photographer Pam Hughes. Sold six items, one, the silver leaves chain, fairly high-end.
Also Rhonda picked up her sterling bracelet (AND with Chery treated me to a Denton Co Independent Hamburger.)

Then the next morning I discovered I had sold a couple pairs of handmade earring hooks and a bag of jumprings to an Etsian in Nova Scotia, who confirmed to me today that they arrived last week.

And to top it off, Warren sent me an e-mail that my torch-colored spiral bronze earrings sold in the Gallery!

The new Gallery Night is this Saturday, and I have 14 new pieces waiting hopefully.

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