Thursday, January 10, 2013

daily challenge continues ...

It's been three days, and I have NOT made three things. I have, rather, been slowly plodding along on one thing, which is almost half done at this point. It's a pink chain in modified 'one hour less sleep' weave, shown here in two snaps from the Mac Photo Booth built-in camera. A classy macro camera it is not!

I keep meaning to keep a few one-inch pieces of full persian weave for templates to start new chains on. I keep losing them, or using them in finished chains. I keep spending HOURS getting persian (or one hour less sleep, which is persian on every other link) started.

So Tuesday night I started working on this, and eventually got it started, and got maybe an inch made. Last night I listened to several chapters of Agent of Change, and added another 3 or 4 inches. And this morning at the library craft group I got it up to over 6" long. Hope to get another three inches done tonight. Sigh. I did used to be faster at this, but I suppose I should be glad I can still do it at all. At least I do it better than handwriting.

Also I think that I may invest in some really good (read pricey) pliers that are aligned better, so the links slip out and destroy their anodized surface less often.

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