Monday, May 26, 2014

(written May 17)

I’m spending the afternoon at Zilly-Boy (non Denton County old-timers call it Isle du Bois) Park at Lake Ray Roberts making chain-maille for the first time in FAR too long. I added about 1-1/4” to this necklace; there is around 2-1/4” or 2-1/2” to go. 

Then I have to fuse blobs on the ends of 25 short sterling pieces, oxidize them really black, and put on a “fringe” of green 8mm Swarovskis. Assuming the crystals get here in time. Then do another similar piece in sterling and pearls. In time for Oxide’s ‘open call’ next Saturday morning.

The sterling piece is currently still coils on three mandrels.

I can do it, if I don’t dilly-dally.

It’s  beautiful day at the park. The parking lot is pretty full, but almost all the people are at the first tier of picnic tables from the lot, or swimming, or zooming past in motor-boats. Out here at the end of the peninsula, it’s fairly deserted. The birds are singing up a storm; I wish I recognized more than a cardinal and a mockingbird.

(May 26)  Well, I did it, more or less. I couldn't get the wire ends to melt up into blobs for love nor money, so I used a dozen store-bought silver headpins I had. Lots more dangles would have been more luxurious, but I was out of time, anyway.


Oxide closes now at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon. I was there at 2:30 ;-)  Anyway Warren took them in, and the opening is June 7.

Also he wants me to make him a large-link aluminum choker, 'cause the copper one is too heavy.  So, a good day. ALSO, out of the blue, my 'green-green' bracelet was bought on Etsy! Post Office is open again tomorrow and off it goes.


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