Thursday, September 29, 2011

at the gallery

Since I mentioned Gallery Night (this Saturday!) and my new pieces, I thought I would put up another photo-heavy post and show what I have at Oxide for the fall and winter.

I have gotten very fond of the dragonscale weave, a "double-knit" variation of European 4-in-1. Every large ring has a small ring within it. No large ring intersects a large ring, being held in place by fours small rings. It makes a nice substantial diamond-shape pendant or earring or a lovely flexible bracelet (if the ring sizes are well chosen).

Other maille pieces include three little half-persian 4-in-1 finger rings, made from 20-gauge jumprings.

Out of heavy copper wire, I have bent up pendant/earring sets, treble clefs and abacus spirals.

And finally, there's a byzantine bracelet and a mobius-flowers bracelet.


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