Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a variety of new chains

Been playing with some “wiggle chain.” This is a simple 2-in-2, save that each 2-link unit is interlinked to itself, instead of parallel. There’s a catch to it, in that each crossed double link can be right-handed or left-handed. At first, after I discovered this, I made them alternate. When you do this, and suspend the chain from one end, the links hang at 90° to each other, as if it were a simple 1-in-1 chain. But I went back and changed it so they are all the same orientation, and it looks much more like a spiral chain, which I like better.

Ran out of links when I had 11” of chain, too much for a bracelet, not enough for a necklace. Wound up some more, which I will cut shortly.

I wonder what it would look like if I put in a third ring in each link, a chain of möbius flowers?

Saturday 15 Oct

Finished the “bear-claw” pendant on chain and the wiggle chain a couple of days ago. I had to modify my plan on the pendant, but I like the results. In going through my already-made copper rings and sizing them with the red Swarovsky bicone, I picked the one that fit the crystal pretty closely. After getting the crystal wrapped into it, a process that could use some more practice, I realized there was not enough room for the five 16-gauge links of the top of the pendant. There was just room for four 20-gauge copper links, the 5/32” ones I was using for the chain. So I put those on, oxidized it, and then put on the pendant with a black top attachment. I actually think it’s a more interesting design than planned.

I wasn’t able to hook up with Rhonda to get her any stock for the Guyer show, but she is much more eager to have stuff for her week in Galveston with the art teachers. That’s the ninth of November, so I need to work up an easily portable display to get to her the week before. One tray of necklaces and one stand of earrings, I guess.

October 18

Finished up three bracelets that had been hanging around needing finishing touches.

The "hybrid-weave" that I made a while back had had its clasp hook stolen to put on some other bracelet, so I made a new one, a modified swan-hook design.

I liked the spiral hook, so I made one of copper for the 14-gauge aluminum byzantine chain that I did a week or so ago.

Then I made another of the same general type for the "tricolor lace" bracelet I just finished. The main body of this, 3/16" 18-gauge silver-clad links, has been around for a long time. I finished it by putting 20-gauge 5/32" links down each edge, gold on one side, copper on the other.

So those are done, and I'll get them up at Etsy Real Soon Now.

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