Sunday, June 29, 2014

working on dia de los muertos at zillyboy

28 June, back at Zillyboy. I was at the nature center 10:30-4:30, then came up here to the picnic area above the beach. I worked on the black maille collar with points and skulls, and eventually purple, orange, and pink crystals, for an hour or so.
I think I’m finally getting on the downhill side of it at last. I ought to be! Been working on it off and on for at least a month.
It will have a total of nine points, with colorful crystals signifying grief, sunshine, and celebration suspended from the tips.

Then a quarter mile walk around the sidewalk loop, and I am resting a bit before trudging back to the car.

Fewer people here than last month, but the beach is plenty active. Fewer birds, really only mockingbirds singing. I heard one in three places as I walked the loop. Don’t know if it was three birds, or if he was moving as I slowly progressed.

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