Sunday, February 12, 2006

trying again

Maybe it is something about being a new month?? I had a little trouble back at the beginning of January too, I think I remember -- couldn't get the dragon post to show up for a while.

posts not working?

This is the third post I have tried to publish since the end of January. The one I did on Feb. 7th I gave up and deleted. I guess I will just keep trying until they show up.

just because they're pretty

After getting compliments on my wire-framed leaf beadwork, I went back to my old Zip disks and resurrected the scan image where I archived the ones I did a few years ago. (All the wire-framed ones have since sold. I only still have the little scarf-rings; they seemed to be an idea whose time had not come.)

So, just to show off my pretties that I made in 2002, here they are.