Friday, January 14, 2011

pendant revisited

Here is my week three YOJ project, Russian Serpentine and copper (right), side-by-side with the similar one I devised in February 2007 (on the left). I liked that one, but this new one is better.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

uncomplicated things

In an attempt to have more nice things at a lower price point for Oxide, I have worked on pendants and earrings with interesting shapes and colors, but not hours and hours of work. I kind of have the trouble Robin McKinley has with short stories. Things just naturally seem to grow into time-consuming necklaces! But I have managed a line of simple spirals, furnace glass beads, and small shapes in earrings and pendants.

Here are the six pendants (Warren accepted the lot!) and several of the earrings. He took half of the ten pairs of earrings, and all the five chains I offered. He didn’t go for the furnace glass for some reason -- maybe looked too much like assembled findings? -- but I’ll get the first of those up on Etsy this afternoon.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

new starts

I had a flush of jewelry-making back in May of last year (but not quite in time for the Oxide summer show). Then when the heat moderated in September and I could work on the upstairs screen porch I made a number of things.

Amy’s visit and purchase of the zig-zag earrings from Oxide sparked her order of Christmas presents for Cathy and Janine. The DHS craft fair moved things along, and I also got my Etsy shop reactivated, and sold a bracelet! after just a day or two. Finally just after the new year I dipped back into CWJ, and found a new YOJ just starting up, so I took the plunge and joined in.

I’ve posted twice to YOJ so far, and I have an appointment with Warren Tuesday morning to show new work for the spring show. I have about two dozen pieces, which is probably more than he’ll want or have room for. So all the rest will go up on Etsy, where I have 28 items so far.

I’m excited, though actually, I have had very few actual sales yet. But enough to get me moving. Warren bought my 16-gauge chain in October and Amy got the earrings, Also the rectangular “earrings for Isabel” variation sold, I believe to the same customer who bought my “Verrakaien Pendant” at the DHS sale. Then that Etsy bracelet sale out of the blue, and Amy’s commissions, add up to a fair fall.


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